newest entry 2003-04-23 9:36 a.m.

If any of you live in northern New Jersey, I just happened upon a website for a yoga center in Teaneck that looks fantastic. I mean, the web site is great, but the place itself seems very cool. They offer all kinds of yogic healing approaches

I found a diary of mine from exactly 9 years ago. (I go back and look at old diaries for lyrical ideas, and also to see how my life is progressing) I had just moved to Hoboken, started a temp job at Polygram, and was making exactly the same amount of money back then as I am at this job. I wrote that I'd just listened to a Marianne Williamson cassette and found her shrill and hysterical.

On the surface, one could surmise that I haven't really progressed very far!

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