newest entry 2003-03-13 11:44 p.m.

Spent the evening and my last $70 on an emergency vet visit tonight. I'm not a big fan of rushing Coney off to the vet every time he has a sniffle or whatever, but he had physical symptoms that worried me: he was shaking and trembling something fierce--I thought he was having a seizure. And the trembling wouldn't let up.

The 24-hour vet clinic in Bay Ridge is understaffed and harried, so we ended up waiting for over an hour. They couldn't find anything wrong with Coney, which on one level is great (if there's actually nothing wrong), but now I am dead tired, broke, and feeling like a hypochondriac once removed.

The good part is that we had a nice, brisk walk back home, dodging Brooklyn's drunks and street flotsam. It was enlivening.

In brighter news, I love my job! Me and it are a perfect fit, from the overall concept to the little details. I really enjoy the work I have to do, and I like that I have a hand in developing this product...although since I hate the word "product" I shall call it a "widget."

I'm gradually feeling less shy, but I have one more hurdle--a big team meeting tomorrow with everyone who's working on this particular application. I don't think it'll be a big deal, but I am so not used to meetings that don't involve group hugs, chanting and incense. So I get a little nervous and tongue-tied.

I discovered that one of the women I'll be working with on this project is an old acquaintance from Hoboken. So that's two people I know.

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