newest entry 2003-02-28 9:15 a.m.

Well, lookee here! Iraq is destroying missiles, Saddam is giving interviews, we are back to code yeller and Wednesday's virtual march was a smashing success (at least in terms of demonstrating that many, many people want peace and are making their voices heard). Are you feeling optimistic about peace? I'm startin' to.

Last night I played at that folk club that I was telling you about a while back. It was a louder, more rocking show than last time. That means that it was more energetic and fun, but it was also harder to harness my vocals. Some clams emerged, but all in all, it was good and I had a wonderful time.

After we played, I sat and listened to the next band (friends of mine--we've played on the same bill many times), and I felt supremely contented, like I was sitting right in the middle of all that is good and true and lovely in the physical world.

Big shake-up at Monkey's company. His boss was laid off, as were a couple of co-workers, and they are moving his office (I mean literally, just Monkey's office, not the whole office) so that he will now be working closer with the distributor. I don't know what this means in terms of his job security, but neither of us is worried.

Rest in peace Fred Rogers.

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