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In the same way that someone in the midst of a rough crowd guards a wound with great care, so in the midst of bad company should one always guard the wound that is the mind.

--Santideva, Bodhicaryavatara

My orders came in while I was away and I've been a-listenin' to them alot these past few days. I heartily endorse is the painless way to try out a new record you're not willing to pay full-price for. Well, I suppose MP3's accomplish that, too, but I hate MP3's.

Anywaze, the first record is by 27, featuring the former lead singer of the Dirt Merchants, who I was praising mildly a week ago. This is a lovely CD...a languid, shimmery affair. Fans of latter-day Madder Rose/Saint Low would certainly enjoy this. The singer shares a penchant for exaggeratedly nasal vowel sounds with Sarah Harmer and the way the vocals are processed reminds me a lot of the cool and largely overlooked Sharkboy. The guitars (and clarinet!) chime tastefully in the background. Hypnotic...

The other CD I bought is the latest by Mia Doi Todd, although my understanding is that this major label debut mines her previous indie albums for material, prettied up by Mitchell Froom. Todd is undeniably talented, but I haven't quite warmed up to ths record yet. One stumbling block for me is that the omnipresence of pianos and seriousness brings this closer to Tori territory (terri-Tori) than I am generally comfortable with.

It's almost Christmas! Keep track of the days and learn some interesting Christmas lore with this cool on-line advent calendar.

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