newest entry 2002-11-20 1:12 p.m.

Remember the feeling, in college, when you'd get to class, and find it'd been cancelled? That's how I felt this morning when I came into work and found out my boss wasn't coming in.

I like being here, I like doing the work (or in this case, doing my work, cuz there isn't that much actual stuff to do today), but the one thing I dislike about this job is that I have zero rapport with my boss. He's a good egg who has never given me a hard time about anything, but we are both shy and nervous around each other, and conversation borders on painful. For the most part we don't talk at all, sequestered at our desks, which means I spend entire days not having uttered more than a few sentences. And then the ones I do utter come out all lumpy and wrong.

Anyway, today I am captioning all the photos for my book, and then inserting the photo number into the text for the art director's reference. I like this kind of work: relatively mindless but to a creative end.

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