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Student: "How can I become enlightened?"

Neem Karoli Baba: "Feed people."

I'm in that agitated, clothes-and-hair-askew but happy frame of mind one gets at the start of a recording project. I recorded a bunch of demos yesterday--really, really rough tracks--but the whole shape of the album is coming to me, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by the roughness of it all, I see the whole process laid before me in neat, progressive steps. I even know what the cover is going to look like, what the liner notes will say, etc. So if there's anyone reading this who's feeling creatively blocked or stuck, let me remind you that these things come out of nowhere. You'll be OK.

Last night we ducked into a local watering hole after spending all day cooped inside. The band playing wasn't technically very good, but they were spirited and punky. We politely stayed for their first set, and when they started their second, we quietly put our coats on to leave.... at which point the singer jumped out of the stage area, ran up to us and begged us not to leave. "Just stay for one more song, it's our best song!"

And so we did, and jumped around and danced and all that. It was one of those moments of pure and unexpected musical exhilaration where your brain remembers "Oh, yes, all music is good."

The bars around here are a dual experience: kind of depressing and kind of refreshing. On the one hand, the clientele are not trying to impress anybody. On the other hand, the clientele are not trying to impress anybody.

Today we had the whole run of the dog park until one of the regulars showed up with her Spinone, Buddy. She told us all about what a great breed they are, especially with kids. They have eyes that pierce your soul...

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