newest entry 2002-10-29 11:04 a.m.

Despite the bad reviews, I am extremely keen on reading Donna Tartt's new book. And seeing as it is completely unavailable at any branch of the Brooklyn Public library it seems that everyone else is ignoring the reviews, too. Last night I made the trip all the way out to the Fort Hamilton branch to borrow the last remaining available copy, and dang but it was missing! Already!

Remember when I used to talk about yoga? Miss that? OK, here it comes again.

Now that yoga is my own private experience, unattached to the pressure of having to earn a living by it, I am really enjoying it. I sometimes even take classes at my gym, as if I didn't know better. I occasionally read an article in Yoga Journal and say, "Hmmm, interesting."

So, we'll see where this goes, if anywhere.

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