newest entry 2002-09-01 5:12 p.m.

Had brunch with Blue, Bluette and Li'l Blue today at their new apartment in Cobble Hill. It was our first meeting with Li'l Blue, who was born in April. He is a mellow kid, good-lookin', and it was relaxing to be around a calm, happy family. They make being a family seem appealing.

Crate-training Coney is a challenge, because it's sad to see him inside a cage. We call it hs "den" but, you know, it's still a metal cage, and he wails and looks miserable inside it.

Last night we took turns sleeping next to his den in the living room. This seemed to help.

He shows no signs yet of associating "outside" with "bathroom" but it's only his second day in a real home.

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