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Sorry to go on and on about our stupid stoop sale, but I do tend to get obsessed with topics...

In analyzing why our Sunset Park stoop sale succeeded while our Park Slope stoop sale from a few years back was not a financial smash, I've come to 2 conclusions:

One, there is too much competition in Park Slope. While that creates interest and a target group with spending money, it nonetheless makes people pickier about purchases.

Two, my wardrobe is where intentionally gaudy tastes informed by the counter culture intersect with the sincere gaudiness of Brooklyn's underclass. Hence, the popularity of my animal prints, shiny purple dresses and pink shoes. And of Monkey's Cuban albums. Does that sound snobby? Dude, I am too broke and too weary to be a snob.

I forced myself to write two complete songs yesterday. I am so tired of having dozens of good but unfinished songs floating in the ether. These two songs suck mightily, but it felt good to get the ol' creative juices flowing again. I'll just go back and tweak the lyrics...creating yet more unfinished songs!!

Last night's video selection was The Business of Strangers. It's good on a small-screen--a little novella about head games. Good script, probably would have made a terrific short story. My only criticism is that neither of the leads (Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles) is very convincing in her role. In fact, the best, most natural performance in the movie is the incidental character, Nick. He spends much of the movie asleep, but his awake scenes are big-heap subtle.

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